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              ABOUT US

              iPad Kiosk Stands Make Learning Fun for Kids!

              Krayon kiosk table and chairsHow can an iPad kiosk make leaning a fun experience for kids? By making education interactive! At Aridan books, we’re committed to enlightening young minds through exciting and engaging uses of modern technology. Our Krayon Kiosk iPad stands do just that!

              What is an iPad Kiosk Stand?

              Our trademarked and patented ipad kiosk stands allow for up to four children to sit and enjoy using educational applications (such as our funreading apps for kids). The Krayon ipad kiosks are featured in various bright colors and are fun to use. Customization allows for you to decide how many iPads the kiosk will need to be able to hold. Please note that the iPads themselves, as well as the reading apps for kids, are sold separately (we also help manage the apps on your devices as an additional service).

              Where to Place an iPad Kiosk Stand for Kids

              An iPad kiosk stand is a great way to keep kids busy and educate them at the same time. It makes them a popular item for use in waiting rooms at various offices. Also, since the apps we provide help get kids into reading, many libraries, schools, and other educational facilities are already benefiting from their use across the US and Canada. The app content that we offer includes subjects such as math, science, writing, spelling, geography, problem solving, music, art, and more! For more information about how Aridan books can help you to develop a customised iPad kiosk stand, loaded with the best kids reading apps and other educational apps, contact us by calling 516-208-2331, or contact us directly through our website.

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